Karol Chwedczuk-Szulc

Karol Chwedczuk-Szulc
PhD in Political Science, Dr., Associate Professor
The Institute of Political Science, the University of Wroclaw

Email: karol.chwedczuk-szulc@uwr.edu.pl

URL: https://politologia.uni.wroc.pl/Pracownicy/Karol-Szulc

Research interests: social constructivism, EU-US comparative study (historical sociology, foreign and international policy), sociology of politics

Topics: 1. Challenges to the Political Science in transformation: Between demographic crisis, désintéressement, inflation of education and “pointosis” (Panel Discussion 1); 2. Perception and misperception of the Russo-Ukrainian War. Why do Russia and the West ignore facts? (Panel Discussion 2)